Playing hosts to Bruce Wilkinson and the Teach Every Nation team

Konka was proud to be the hosts of the TEACH EVERY NATION campaign, where around 300 pastors from 7 different neighboring countries joined us for their preparation seminar led by internationally acclaimed author and speaker, Bruce Wilkinson.

Bruce, who is known by millions around the world as an inspiring teacher, is also the writer of numerous best-sellers, including Prayer for Jabez.

The vision of the TEACH EVERY NATION organization comes together in an amazing 5 year plan to spread the Gospel and teachings to underprivileged churches in Africa.  Bruce and the TEACH EVERY NATION team will be arming these pastors with practical subjects such as Communication and Growing your Ministry.

These pastors will then enlist between 20 000 – 25 000 students from their local community to join in the project.

TEACH EVERY NATION will equip these ministries with broadcasting campuses from where live seminars, led by Bruce Wilkinson, will be aired.  These 40 minute classes will be contextualised by the individual pastors so that student’s understanding of each subject is directly relevant to their local environment.

An inspiring initiative that gives the students the qualifications they need to one day, be the leaders in their community and ministry.