Konka and

Team Building

Please note that own supervision is required in the use of all our facilities.

For over a decade, Konka’s aim has been to enhance team building skills and communication as a basis in sport, education and corporate fields.
Konka’s goal is to facilitate and develop communication skills through various successful team building approaches, specifically designed to suit each individual group’s needs. These life-skill approaches can be implemented in daily routines, with lasting results.

We focus on the following areas within teams:

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Understanding

Team building


  • Kayaking – The group divide in pairs of two members per team.  The one member is blindfolded and the other directs the blindfolded member where to row.  Both of team members are on the kayak.
  • Cup stack – The group must use a rubber band which has a couple of strings connected to it to pick up cups and stack the cups into a structure without letting the structure fall.
  • Toxic waste – There is a square on the ground, two buckets are placed in the square.  One is filled with water and the other is empty.  The group may only use a rope to pick up the bucket filled with water and empty it into the empty bucket.
  • Cops and robbers – There is a square on the ground and inside the square there are 2 buckets filled with water and a cup on the ground.  The group is split into 2 groups and each group nominates someone to be blindfolded.  The groups must now direct their blindfolded team member to a bucket so that they can fill the cup with water.  They must now direct their participant to the other team’s blindfolded member and try to throw the water in the cup at the opposing blindfolded team member .
  • Marble tube – each member receives a pvc pipe.  The team must link all the pipes together so that it is one long pipe.  The facilitator places a marble at the beginning of the pipe and the group must direct the marble into a bucket without letting it fall on the ground.
  • Handcuffs – The group is handcuffed two-two to each other and they must try to get out of the handcuffs.
  • Magic carpet – The group receives a “carpet” and they must try to get the whole group onto the carpet without touching the ground.  Each time the group managed to do so, the carpet gets folded smaller and smaller until the group can’t fit on it anymore.
  • Magic stick – Everyone in the group must touch the stick.  Now the group must lift the stick from the ground up and down again.
  • Cloth challenge – The group receives a cloth and a glass filled with water.  They must now transport the glass of water from one end to another by using the cloth.
  • Jinga – There are blocks stacked up on each other.  The group must take blocks out from the stack without letting the whole block of blocks fall apart.
  • Marabaraba – It is a game almost like chess.  They must make sure about the moves they make otherwise the game will not work out.
  • Cascades – The group receives a pvc pipe that is filled with holes.  They must fill the pvc pipe with water to free the ball that is inside.  They must close the holes with their fingers.
  • Lego’s – The facilitator builds a structure with lego’s and the group must build the same structure.
  • Bridge building – The group must get sticks or anything they can use to build a bridge that must be strong enough to hold a brick.
  • Porcupine – The group receives a small piece of wooden block with a nail in the middle. They also receive 13 other nails that must all balance on the one nail in the block at once.
  • Egg drop – The group must make something with straws to protect an egg so that it will not break when dropped from a certain height.
  • Archery – The group must shoot the arrow with the bow into a bud. Or they must try to shoot balloons that are on the bud.
  • Traffic jam – The group is divided into 2 groups. The groups must now sit on chairs that are in a U shape with the middle chair open.  The one group sits on the left side of the open chair and the other group sits on the rights side of the open chair.  Both groups must figure out the pattern that must be followed and obey the rules to unfold the traffic jam.
  • Mine Field – There is a square on the ground. Inside the square (“mine field there are balls (“mines”).  The group must now direct one of their team members who is blindfolded, through the mine fields. without touching or stepping on the “mines”.