The EduPlant Veggie Garden

This past month Konka helped facilitate Food and Trees for Africa with their EduPlant programme, whereby numerous people, young and old, came together helping to create a vegetable garden as a means of giving back to the community, educate them on eco-friendly permaculture farming and to raise awareness regarding the hunger issue in South Africa.

Who is EduPlant:

“EduPlant, the country’s leading food gardening and greening programme, initiated and managed by Food & Trees for Africa in partnership with The Woolworths Trust, held its biennial, action-packed #EduPlantFinals last week. It was phenomenal to see so many learners taking bold, uplifting action to improve food security and increase their access to nutritious food by enthusiastically growing their own, despite the limited resources in their communities.

Over the past 24 years, EduPlant has gone from strength to strength as a champion of sustainable farming through school-based and cluster workshops. As we have seen at the 2018 #EduPlantFinals, these schools’ food gardens supplement feeding schemes while educating learners about climate change, community resilience, healthy environments and natural vegetable production. EduPlant schools are taking effective action for a #zerohunger future.”

It was a pleasure to assist EduPlant and we hope to see them back in the near future.


Photo Credit: Mike Turner